A Christmas Story from Vrancea Mountains

Elena, Velentin, Nicu, Georgiana, Mihaela and Maria, the last children in an isolated mountain village in Vrancea County named Poiana Stoichi with only 47 souls, told us their childhood place’s stories. For a few months, coordinated by journalist Silvia Vrinceanu Nichita, the children gathered stories from the village, took pictures and worked together to tell the world their small community’s story, as they see it. They have received this challenge from “Youth in (re)action” Journalism and Civic involvement Club, after they were visited in the summer with gifts by our volunteers. The children wrote about the village’s old people, about their day to day lives, about their ex-teacher and the regret of not having a school anymore, closed a few years ago due to a lack of children. The reward from Santa Claus will be a trip to “Children’s Town” in Focsani, organized by the “Me, you and they” Association, time in which they will stay at a hotel and will dine at the restaurant. We also want them to visit the history museum, the library, the theater, to stroll around the town, to ice-skate and to eat candy floss. Besides, we organize a few other cultural surprises, with the volunteers from “Youth in (re)action”. Of course, we will have a photo-shoot with Santa Claus.

Our idea is to encourage the children and teenagers from the rural environment, especially from isolated mountain villages, to express themselves using media tools, to make their wishes and aspirations heard, but also the untold stories of the place they live in. This project has helped us to explore and tap their potential. And this is one way to bring them in normal, modern, stream of lifestyle. Our next project is to open a small library in their village. During the summer we have proposed to use the closed school buildings from these small villages in order to undergo non-formal educational activities for children and adults.

If you desire to support our project you could make a donation in “Me, you and they” Association Focsani.

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“No one has ever become poor by giving.” -Anne Frank

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Read here the village story written by kids

Photogallery here “The little travelers”


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